Where better to store your Private files, than in YourBigCloset!

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, we are in the process of starting a few new companies and offering services not only to the T* Community, but expand our services out to the internet as a whole.

One of the services we had the idea of starting, was a “cloud storage” service.

Suddenly we thought: Where better to store your private files, than in Your BigCloset!

For a nominal amount, you could have unlimited access to store your private files, on our private cloud storage server in our secure cloud storage environment.

Our cloud-storage solution would be based on the opensource OwnCloud project, which has sync clients for Windows/Mac/Linux, iOS, and Android. It’s also available to any device that can mount a WebDav drive, and of course, available via the web interface to any computer/device with a web browser.

All communications would be secured with SSL and encrypted on the drive to keep prying eyes from looking in and be completely private.

If you wanted to disconnect from our Shared Cloud, we’d even offer you a Private Server of your own, running OwnCloud so that you would have your VERY OWN CLOUD!

We currently OWN all our own servers, and switches, and spend a lot of time protecting our network and servers from prying eyes.

Unlike most cloud server providers, we aren’t reselling services like AmazonS3 or RackSpace cloud. This is all our own infrastructure and equipment to help maximize your privacy.

Just to stress this would not be linked in any way to your TopShelf account. Billing would go through QnEZ or Janglewood and we would have no system in place for tracking who you are/what you do. We are trying to build a system built on Privacy.

So let us know, are you interested?

-Piper, Joyce & Cat
–Janglewood LLC